Resources for GMs

Go Play GM Cheat Sheet - PDF

This handy PDF is filled with tips and tricks to support you in running your session (from what you need to bring on the day to helping you plan to get the most out of your players). It also includes some principles and considerations to help you run a safe, inclusive and enjoyable game in an open-to-the-public, loud and bustling convention setting.


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What we’re looking for in our GMs:

  • A sense of fun
  • An even temper and supportive nature
  • A great story idea
  • Enough familiarity with your game system to run the session smoothly on the day.

We highly recommend making sure you book yourself in as a player for some sessions too. Take a break and let another of our talented GMs inspire you.

If you want some help working out if your idea will be a good fit for Go Play, get in touch. We’re always happy to guide you.

If you're coming along to our event, please read our code of conduct to ensure everyone can share the fun in a safe space.