Hearth Wardens

At Go Play, we want to ensure everyone has a fun day free of any harassment or bad behaviour. Our event is designed to be inclusive and supportive, and we want everyone to enjoy the games.

To this end, we have a detailed code of conduct all staff and attendees must adhere to. We also have Hearth Wardens who will be close by to offer help should you feel you are the target of unacceptable behaviour or have any other concerns.

 You'll be able to easily spot the Hearth Wardens on the day by the lanyards that they're wearing. Before each game session starts, we will introduce the day's Hearth Wardens to you.

If you have any concerns at all at Go Play, please locate your nearest Hearth Warden.

Hearth Wardens are volunteers who are there to help you. They will listen to any issues you have and take immediate steps to remedy the situation.

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